Powerful Marine Collagen Peptides for Gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing

Powerful Marine Collagen Peptides for Gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing

1. Promotes radiant skin – Marine Collagen supplements fight the signs of ageing by supporting the skins elasticity and hydration that helps maintain the skin’s youthful tone, texture, and appearance.*

2. Supports strong and healthy hair – The amino acids in marine collagen support the structural proteins in hair that encourage existing hair growth, thickness, and strength.*

3. Supports healthy joints – Our Wild Caught Marine Collagen provides support to the human body’s connective tissues and helps maintain healthy joints.*

Who else wants to look good and feel their best for as long as possible?

Who else wants to look good and feel their best for as long as possible?

Did you know there is ONE unique protein that…

Is the most abundant protein in the human body. Functions like support pillars for your skin to keep it nice and smooth. Supports the health of your hair, joints, and bones. Helps strengthen brittle fingernails. But over time, your body produces less and less of it.

That protein is COLLAGEN.

Sea Amour Marine collagen is packed with 18 amino acids to support you in the ageing process.


There are 3 main reasons:


More and more cutting-edge research points to the health benefits specifically of MARINE collagen. Because as it turns out, the collagen in the skin of fish is very similar to the collagen in the human body.


Our collagen comes from the skin of WILD CAUGHT fish. The skin is a valuable source of collagen that often goes to waste. So, using it is good for you AND the sustainability of our food system.


We treat our Marine Collagen with a non-GMO, food-grade enzyme. This process makes our collagen easy to digest (without any solvents or chemicals). So, the amino acids can get to where they need to go!


Each dose of Sea Amour Marine Collagen contains 5000mg of pure Marine Collagen!

NO fillers

NO flavours

HIGH potency in one dose!

How to use SeaAmour Marine Collagen

How to use SeaAmour Marine Collagen

Did we say tasteless? YES!

Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of Marine Collagen per day to your favourite HOT or COLD beverage.

We love it in our Hot Chocolate, coffee and smoothie!

(side note if you have it with water you may get a mild fish taste BUT we do hope you do as it's from wild cod fish after all!)

High-potency & sustainably sourced from the Atlantic Ocean with no fillers or nasties

Wild Caught Cod Fish

Wild Caught Cod Fish

When we say wild caught we mean it!

This sea map displays our locations of where we source our fresh wild caught cod fish from.

Each catch is traceable back to the fishing vessel and only mature cod are caught.

We carry the MSC Certification and participate in sustainable and ethically sourced fishing program.

What our fans are saying...

I had no idea there were different types of Collagen! I'm so glad I know the SeaAmour Collagen is from the Ocean in Norway and best of all it's pure marine collagen!

I love this product! It dissolves nicely and is tasteless. I put it in my matcha tea every morning. What I love most about Sea Amour Wellness products is that I can trust all the ingredients!!

LOVE this product!!!! I place two teaspoons in my morning coffee!! I LOVE how well it dissolves into my coffee and I can’t taste it, it’s perfect!

SO SMOOTH! I like how well it blends right into my morning smoothie. No taste so you don't really even know it's in there, so good!

I love this product and I use it every day. I put it in my smoothie every morning and over the months my skin hair and nails have improved.

Lucy W. Mum of 2 Age 41
Lauren R. Mum to 2 young kiddos
Kimberly Age 38
Katie C.
Sarah H.